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3M 0.5 Inch Width 15 Ft Length VHB 5952 Black Heavy Duty Multipurpose Double Sided Tape - Includes 3 Alcohol Prep Pad

3M 0.5 Inch Width 15 Ft Length VHB 5952 Black Heavy Duty Multipurpose Double Sided Tape – Includes 3 Alcohol Prep Pad

  • ACRYLIC TAPE: Permanent bonding tape with an extraordinary strength can be used to replace rivets, screws, spot welds, and messy liquid adhesives. Continuous bonding feature distributes the stress over the entire surface for best results.
  • BONDING TAPE: Heavy-duty tape terminates drilling, grinding, welding, screwing, and refinishing associated with bonding and sealing materials. Clear acrylic construction of the tape makes it perfect for joining transparent materials.
  • DIMENSIONS: 0.5 Inch Width and 15 Ft Length double-sided tape roll with pressure sensitive adhesive bonds almost instantly with no drying time.
  • DURABILITY: The clear acrylic tape is resistant to UV light, moisture, solvents, and chemicals, ensuring perfect sealing and bonding even in extreme environments. It also resists high-range, hot and cold temperature cycling.
  • UTILITY: 3M clear tape is ideal for heavy bonding applications such as bonding glass and door, creating street signs, etc. This adhesive tape covers rivet heads, weld marks, and glass cracks, leaving negligible trace and creating a smooth surface.
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3M VHB 5952 Black Heavy Duty Multipurpose Double Sided Tape, all-acrylic construction that provides strength and durability in highly demanding applications. Includes 3pcs. of Alcohol Prep Pad.


  • Black, closed-cell acrylic foam carrier. Conformable. Good Adhesion to many painted surfaces,including powder coated paint.
  • Dimensions: 0.5 Inch Width 15 Ft Length
  • Adhesive type: Modified Acrylic.
  • Relative adhesion: HSE: High, LSE: Med.
  • Solvent Resistance: High.
  • 50% strength of bond in 20 minutes, 90% strength of bond in 24 hours and 100% strength of bond after 72 hours.For maximum bond strength, the surface should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Typical cleaning solvents are heptane or isopropyl alcohol.Carefully read and follow manufacturer’s precautions and directions for use when using cleaning solvents.
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